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Welcome to RobertStreetTransit.com. This site serves as the focal point for information and public involvement opportunities for the Robert Street Transitway Alternatives Analysis. The Alternatives Analysis is a joint local and federal planning effort to determine possible improvements to transit service. Up-to-date information on the Alternatives Analysis and study reports will be made available here as the study progresses, as well as announcements for public involvement opportunities. Public comments and inquiries are always welcomed, and can be made on the Contact Us page.

Transit Study Completed

Uploaded 5/20/2015

In April 2015, the Steering Committee for the Robert Street Transitway Alternatives Study decided to conclude the study without selecting a single Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). Rather, the Steering Committee agreed to move forward with two transit modes for further consideration, Arterial Bus Rapid Transit and Modern Streetcar, on the Robert Street alignment.

The decision to not select an LPA at this time will allow more time to conduct additional land use planning, to update local comprehensive plans that guide development and to target capital investments that would encourage additional density in the corridor. Following these local planning processes, the Dakota County Regional Railroad Authority and the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority will consider options for further evaluation of the final two transit modes with the intent of selecting an LPA in the future.

Although the transitway study is complete for now, comments and questions are always welcome and can be provided via email or phone.

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Thanks to all who participated in the Robert Street Transitway Alternatives Study.

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